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Speck VFD Variable Frequency Drive

Speck Variable Frequency Drive

Speck VFD Variable Frequency Drive

Vacon 100 Series  is designed to meet and exceed even the most stringent requirements of the commercial pool industry.  Perfect for commercial pump applications, no task is too complex for the Speck Vacon 100 Series.  The standard features of this drive include all the necessary hardware, I/O and communication features without the need to purchase any additional equipment.  The LCD graphical keypad with intuitive wizards, built-in help text, and a user friendly interface makes installation, commissioning and operation extremely simple. Furthermore, all of the components in the Speck Vacon 100 series have a typical 10 years or more service life, reducing maintenance costs and are environmentally friendly for easy recycling.

Vacon X5 Series is designed for the REAL world - a world that is not gentle or forgiving to electronic devices.  Speck Vacon X5 series is built to be mounted where the work is, not hidden in another enclosure or room that adds costs and space.  The Speck Vacon X5 series is the only drive on the market today that can be mounted indoor or outdoor through the entire power range and can battle the cold with the built in Arctic Mode feature.  In addition, this drive can withstand high pressure wash down of 1,000 PSI from only 12 inches away.

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