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Seaklear Particle Removal System (1 pack)

Keep the pool water pristine with two quarts of SeaKlear Particle Removal System (PRS).

Seaklear Particle Removal System (1 pack)

After using some of this SeaKleaer Particle Removal System, the water will never look clearer.

SeaKlear's PRS is a specially designed formula to treat cloudy pools made murky by use. This chemical was made to enhance the filter's function. With SeaKlear, the filter will be able to trap particles as little as .5 microns.

Additional Features:
  • Increases water turnaround period
  • Traps algae
  • Removes oil
  • Reduces 99.9 percent of Crytosporidium and E. coli
Price: $65.28
Stock #: (84250) Particle Removal Sys
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