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Pool Chemical Testing Kit - Taylor K2005

For all your pool testing needs, this Taylor K2005 Pool Chemical Testing Kit has you covered!

Pool Chemical Testing Kit

This Taylor K2005 Pool Chemical Testing Kit is an expanded version of the K2000 Test Kit, providing even better results.

This kit is designed to detect high levels of swimming pool chemicals.

Additional Features:

  • High quality case made of polypropylene for durable structure
  • The case includes a handle
  • Comparator
  • Easy to read water balance calculator
  • Testing bottles
  • This pool chemical testing kit includes:
    • DPD Reagent #1
    • DPD Reagent #2
    • DPD Reagent #3
    • Base Demand Reagent
    • Acid Demand Reagent
    • Phenol Red
    • 2 Cyanuric Acid Reagents
    • Sulfuric Acid, Total Alkalinity Indicator
    • Thiosulfate N/10, Hardness Reagent
    • Calcium Indicator Liquid
    • Calcium Buffer
  • This kit helps to tests for:
    • Free and total chlorine: .5-5 ppm
    • Bromine: 1-10 ppm
    • pH: 7-8 ppm
    • Acid and Base Demand
    • Total alkalinity
    • Calcium hardness
    • Cyanuric acid
Price: $80.46
Stock #: (82015) K2005