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Pentair 11579

Choose the Pentair 11579 WhisperFlo High Performance Swimming Pool Pump for the ultimate clean.

Pentair 11579
When you want the ultimate clean for you swimming pool, you need the 3/4 HP Pentair 11579 WhisperFlow High Performance Pool Pump.

This high performance, Pentair 11579 pump is quiet, convenient to install, and long-lasting. Made with a thermoplastic shell to protect the pump from heat and corrosion while the handle allows for easy transportation.

Additional Features:
  • Extra large basket
  • Transparent Cam and Ramp lid
  • Ultra quiet motor
  • Funnel Flo diffusers
  • High water flow with low horsepower
  • Includes Union Connectors
  • Durable threading
  • Practical Size (24.469" x 12.7")

Price: $901.78
Stock #: (34055) 11579
Manufacturer: Pentair Pool Product INC.