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Chemtrol Controller PC2100

Purchase this Chemtrol Controller PC2100 and ensure your pool is clean forever more.

Chemtrol Controller PC2100

This customizable chlorinator will suit your needs!

Chemtrol Controller PC2100

Chemical Automation is now recognized as a must for many applications such as swimming pools, spas, cooling towers and industrial water treatment. With its advanced microprocessor-based technology, the CHEMTROL® PC2100 Programmable Controller introduces a new standard of sophistication in automated control of sanitizers (chlorine or bromine), oxidizers and pH.
  • This system has many different options.
  • Temperature can be read in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • The menu can be viewed in three different languages.
  • Metric and standard units are also available.

Additional Features:

  • The Total Dissolved Solids Menu allows for automatic water extraction when concentration levels are too high
  • Shock Treatment option that can be set for a weekly time, or manually operated
  • Battery support to retain information if power shuts down.
  • Available in Standard and Metric units
  • Dynamic Probe Testing that warns if the sensor has failed for ORP and pH testing
  • Easily readable Main Screen that displays all functions
  • Displays Langelier Saturation Index
Price: $5,193.22
Stock #: (42206) PC2100
Manufacturer: Santa Barbara Controls
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