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Large Bucket Brominating Tablets

Brominating tablets will help to make swimming pool water more gentle on skin & eyes.

Brominating Tablets

Order a 50 lb. bucket of Durachlor Brominating Tablets 

The formula of brominating tablets help to produce a higher chlorine efficiency; they contain less cyanuric acid than chlorine tablets, available in the most popular 3" tablet size.

Brominating is formulated with anti-scaling agents and contains a much higher pH compared to traditional chlorine tablets used for swimming pools; it helps make the water feel soft and comfortable.

It has been found that continued use of brominating tablets will help to make swimming pool water more gentle on skin & eyes. Using brominating tablets will also help to hold the pH and alkalinity levels in the water for a longer period of time compared to traditional tablets and it also reduces scale buildup around equipment and the surface of the pool. When using brominating tablets, it is best to fill the automatic chlorine feeder with tablets, then adjust the rate to achieve 1 to 1.5 ppm and follow-up by testing the chlorine residual levels frequently to ensure the water remains safe for swimming.

These tablets can easily be put in the water if the water needs to be cleaned up. They are the perfect option for pool owners to keep on hand when the pool needs to be quickly and efficiently cleaned. For use as a disinfectant in both commercial and residential swimming pools.

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