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Taylor K-2006 DPD Test Kit

Keep the pool accurately chlorinated with this Taylor K-2006 DPD Test Kit.

Taylor K-2006 DPD Test Kit
Never wonder about the chemical levels with this Taylor K-2006 DPD Test Kit.

This kit comes with waterproof instructions so that they are easy to read, but not ruin. This kit also comes with a water wheel and comparator.

Additional Features:
  • Kit includes:
    • 10 grams of DPD Powder
    • .75 ounces of FAS-DPD Titrating Reagent
    • DPD Reagent #3
    • Phenol Red
    • Acid Demand Reagent
    • Base Demand Reagent
    • 2 Cyanuric Acid Reagents
    • Sulfric Acid
    • Total Alkalinity Indicator
    • Thiosulfate N/10
    • Hardness Reagent
    • Calcium Indicator Liquid
    • Calcium Buffer
  • Tests for:
    • Free and Total Chlorine
    • Bromine
    • pH
    • Acid and Base Demand
    • Calcium Hardness
    • Total Alkalinity
    • Cyanuric Acid
Price: $82.03
Stock #: (82021) K-2006-6