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HC-3330 Chemical Feeder

Make sure your pool is properly seasoned with this HC-3330 Chemical Feeder.

HC-3330 Chemical Feeder
If you have a 30-pound tank, then this HC-3330 Chemical Feeder from Pentair Pool Products is for you.

This feeder works at a great rate. In 24 hours, it will release 8.5 pounds of one-inch Trichlor tablets, treating from 80,000 to 322,000 gallons of water! It will hold 29 large or 237 small tablets.

Additional Features:
  • Feeders are entirely closed
  • Installed on pressure side of pump
  • No special equipment is required
  • Check valve to protect against damage from water back-up
  • Flow indicator
Price: $339.50
Stock #: (42032) R171230
Manufacturer: Pentair Pool Product INC.