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Taylor DPD Reagent #7 (2 oz.)

Use this 2 ounces of Taylor DPD Reagent #7 to keep a filled Taylor Test Kit.

Taylor DPD Reagent #7 (2 oz.)

Two ounces of Taylor DPD Reagent #7 is going to get the job done.

Thiosulfate Reagent #7 is going to help keep the pool correct chemically. This 20 ounce bottle of Thiosulfate powder will be used to neutralize chlorine, bromine and ozone in order to prepare the water to be tested in the Total Alkalinity Test.

Care Instructions:

  • Preserve at constant temperatures: 36-85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Minimize direct sunlight exposure
  • Limit exposure to air and humidity

Test Reagents should be replaced annually.

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Stock #: (82319) R-0007-C