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Classic Stenner Chemical Feeder

This Stenner Chemical Feeder has three detachable components which include a motor, feed rate control and pump head. This is an 85 Series model with a 3/8 inch tube.

Stenner Chemical Feeder
This powerful Stenner Chemical Feeder has a 3/8 inch is designed in pump head that acts as a check safety valve that will help to prevent unwanted backflow in swimming pools. The electromechanical Classic Single Head Fixed Output Injection Pump works well with controllers.

This commercial chemical feeder from Stenner is part of the 85 Series which is Fixed Output; it will put out 7.55 ounces of chemicals per minute.

85 Series Fixed Output:

  • 44 rpm
  • 5, 17 or 40 gpd up to 100 psi  max.
    (18.9, 64.4,151.4 lpd up to 6.9 bar max.)
  • 5, 17, 40, 60 or 85 gpd up to 25 psi max.
    (18.9, 64.4, 151.4, 227.1 & 321.8 lpd up to 1.7 bar max.)
Additional features with this chemical filter include:
  • This model includes three detachable components: motor, feed rate control, and the pump head.
  • Output dependents: rpm of motor gears, percentage setting on the feed rate control and size of peristaltic pump tube
  • Design in pump head that acts as a check valve to prevent back flow, siphoning, overdosing and prime loss
  • Constant flow, despite outlet pressure
Price: $443.68
Stock #: (42143) 85MJL5A3STAA
Manufacturer: Stenner Pump Company INC.
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Chemical Feeder Information
Chemical Feeder Information