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CH255 Chemtrol Chemical Feeder

Keep chemical levels in the pool accurate with this fantastic CH255 Chemtrol Chemical Feeder.

CH255 Chemtrol Chemical Feeder

Control swimming pool chemical levels digitally with this CH255 Chemtrol Chemical Feeder.

What differentiates this from other Chemtrol chemical feeders, like the PC 250, is its sensor for free chlorine. Instead of basing its numbers on ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) levels, it tests the amount of chlorine. This ensures an accurate, true reading of the chlorine levels in the water.

Additional Features:

  • Made of Polystyrene
  • Safety feed lock out
  • Controls Sanitizer and pH levels
  • PPM sensor to give accurate numbers
Price: $5,644.80
Stock #: (42195) CH255
Manufacturer: Santa Barbara Controls
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CH255 Chemtrol Chemical Feeder
CH255 Chemtrol Chemical Feeder