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AquaClimb Athletic Climbing Wall

Keep active with this AquaClimb Athletic Climbing Wall!

AquaClimb Athletic Climbing Wall

This AquaClimb Athletic Climbing Wall will keep swimmers fit and active.

This wall is going to be around for a while. Made with a stainless steel structure, this wall will be a durable option to stay active at the pool.

Additional Features:

  • Surface comes in 2 finishes
  • Compatible with all pools
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Customizable climbing routes

Available Models:

  • AC-S-3000
  • AC-S-5000
  • AC-S-6000
  • AC-S-7000
Stock #: AC-S-
Manufacturer: AquaClimb
Manufacturer Brochure
  Sport Planning Guide (9606Kb)