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8 GPD FlexFlo Chemical Feeder

Keep the water balanced with this 8 GPD FlexFlo Chemical Feeder.

8 GPD FlexFlo Chemical Feeder
This feeder is a durable feeder that will last through even the hardest jobs.

Its weatherproof structure provides the feeder with a strong shell in which to control the pool's chemical levels. It will filter through 8 gallons per day (GPD).

Additional Features:
  • Capable of withstanding high pressures
  • Fixed Speed
  • Customizable timer
  • Detection system to sense amount of chemicals in water; turns off pump if over
  • Included: 2 pump tubes
Price: $529.75
Stock #: (42165) A1N20A-4T
Manufacturer: Mullarkey Associates, INC.
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