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52 GPD FlexFlo Chemical Feed Pump

This 52 GPD FlexFlo Pool Chemical Feed Pump will get the job done.

52 GPD FlexFlo Chemical Feed Pump
This 52 GPD pool chemical feed pump will be able to keep up with your pool's chemical needs.

This pump filters through 52 GPD (gallons per day). It also has a strong structure to perform this duty well. The structure is weatherproof and able to withstand high pressures.

Additional Features

  • Fixed speed
  • Customizable timer
  • Included: 2 pump tubes
  • Detection system to sense amount of chemicals in water; turns off pump if over
  • Peristaltic pump design does not have valves that can clog requiring maintenance.
  • Self priming - even against maximum line pressure. By-pass valves are not required.
  • Compatible with Blue White's output flow sensor system.
  • Durable housing of chemical resistant Valox thermoplastic.
Price: $529.75
Stock #: (42167) A1N10A-7T
Manufacturer: Mullarkey Associates, INC.
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