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3/8" Chemical Feeder - 45 Series by Stenner (Works up to 100 PSI)

Looking for one of the best and reliable swimming pool chemical feed pumps? Stenner is a trusted brand; they have been producing chemical feed pumps since 1957. This 3/8 inch 45 Series Stenner Chemical Feeder is recommended for commercial swimming pools.

Chemical Feeder

Stenner's modular design provides many benefits including easy configuration to meet specific output requirements for many different types of applications. Advantages of this 3/8 inch 45 Series Stenner Chemical Feeder include: It is able to self-priming against pressure, it will self-prime up to 25 feet, and it also has automatic degassing.

This 3/8 inch feeder can automatically siphon in the right amount of chemicals needed for great swimming pool upkeep.

Additional Features:
  • Designed to work up to 100 psi of pressure
  • This model has a detachable motor, feed rate control and pump head.
  • Output dependents: RPM of motor gears, percentage setting on the feed rate control, and size of peristaltic pump tube.
  • Pump head design acts as a check valve to prevent:
    • Back flow, siphoning, overdosing and prime loss
Price: $443.65
Stock #: (42141) 45MJL5A3STAA
Manufacturer: Stenner Pump Company INC.
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Chemical Feeder Information
Chemical Feeder Information