Testing Your Water


Correct testing procedures can make all the difference in your results. See the tips listed below to reduce your chances for incorrect readings.

How to Test Your Water Correctly


  • Insert your clean plastic test tube AT LEAST 18" below the water surface and fill with pool water.
  • Look at the fill line at eye level and adjust to the proper fill line.
  • Drop the proper amounts of reagents for the specific test and aim the test tube towards northern light to get true color comparison.
  • Swirl to thoroughly mix reagent and water sample. When titrating (matching dropwise), the sample must be swirled after each drop.
  • Be sure that you hold the dropeer completely vertical (straight up and down) to ensure correct drop size.
  • After comparing, discard the sample properly and be sure to rinse the test tube out completely with tap water. Replace caps on reagent bottles to avoid external contamination

Helpful Tips:


  • Never mix different manufacturer's reagents. OP Aquatics recommends and sells Taylor Test Kits and Replacement Reagents
  • Be sure to use the correct amount of drops for each test.
  • Test water immediately after taking sample (don't let it sit).
  • Always follow manufacturer's instructions completely.

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