Seasonal Tips



  • Initial Chemicals to Start-Up, Balance and Sanitize
  • Fresh Test Reagents
  • Rope and Floats for Deep End of Pool
  • Spinal Board, Working Straps & Immobilizer
  • First Aid Kits
  • Mask & Gloves on Each Guard Stand
  • Ring Buoys & Heaving Lines
  • Safety Hook & Pole
  • Rescue Tubes
  • Maintenance / Cleaning Supplies
  • Vacuum Hose and Vacuum Head
  • Depth Markers (4" high)
  • "No Diving" Deck Markers

OPENING/ TEST if the following items are present and working

  • Flow Meter
  • Pressure and/or Vacuum Gauge
  • Automatic Chlorinator/Feeder
  • Baskets for Skimmers and Pumps
  • Skimmer Weirs
  • Vacuum Limit Switch


  • If Pool has wall inlets, pump water from pool until water level is just below inlets. If pool has floor inlets, pump water from pool until level is below equalizer opening directly under skimmer.
  • Drain water from skimmer piping and add OP Aquatics Anti-Freeze in the proper amount.
  • Plug skimmer openings and equalizer openings with winterizing plugs.
  • Pack Styrofoam into skimmer casing or use gizzmos.
  • Pressurize return piping and blow water from piping.
  • Plug all return piping inlets.
  • Blow water from fill line and plug. Turn off water supply.
  • Remove underwater lights and secure on deck or drop in water.
  • Remove deck equipment - ladders, handrails and diving boards.
  • Drain filter equipment - pumps, filters, etc.
  • Drain heater and disconnect pressure switch. Turn off all gas valves.
  • Drain heater and disconnect pressure switch. Turn off all gas valves.
  • Put Styrofoam in ladd and handrail deck anchor sockets or dect tape, etc.
  • Remove diatomaceous earth filter elements and clean thoroughly.
  • Check sand filter and clean or replace if necessary
  • Lubricate all o-rings and gaskets (silicone or aqua-lube).
  • If pool has cover, bring water level approximately 4" below skimmer and add proper chemicals back to pool water.
  • Install pool cover - Check straps periodically during winter and adjust straps if needed.
  • Chemicals - add OP Aquatics Sequa-sol or Sodium Hexametasulphate to prevent staining. Adjust Total Alkalinity to 120 - 150 ppm. Add winter algaecide and shock with chlorine. Optional: add floating feeder with chlorine pucks.

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