Seasonal Maintenance Tips

  • Let Chemical Storage Tanks go empty at the end of seasons. Clean them out at the end of the season to prevent a mess during opening season.
  • Bring in or wax lifeguard chairs to prevent fiberglass splintering over winter.
  • Store Chemtrol Controller pH or ORP Sensors in Sodium Chloride Solution when not in use.
  • Invest in quality Winter/Safety Commercial Pool Covers.
  • Winterize using anti-freeze, algaecide, shock & floating chlorinators under Winter Commercial Pool Covers
  • Change out Tube Assemblies, O-rings and Swimming Pool Parts before opening, to avoid pump/filter breakdown
  • "Bump Pumps" once a month during down time. Turn it on, let it run for 10-15 seconds and then turn it off again. Grease it while the motor is running to ensure that it runs properly for Spring time opening.
  • Service pump motors & seals through trained repair services annually.
  • Store dry swimming pool chemicals properly (inside, dry, average temperature) during off-season.
  • Annual / Quarterly Maintenance Tips
  • Check & clean ORP & pH Sensors Quarterly.
  • Replace pump tubing & tube assemblies annually.
  • Keep chemical lines clean by running a sequence of water, acid and water again through the lines once a quarter.
  • Periodically clean Commercial Swimming Pool filters by suing "Filter Cleanse"
  • Stock up on Swimming Pool parts, rebuilt kits, etc., to prevent total shut down.
  • Clean chemical storage tanks yearly.
  • Follow manufacturer procedures for yearly Commercial Pool Cleaners.
  • Annually inspect all Commercial Pool equipment (pumps, filters, lane lines, covers, etc...)

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