Preventative Maintenance Information


Commercial Pool Water Tips

  • Backwash on a set schedule. General rule of thumb: backwash when the pressure gauge has increased 10 lbs over the normal "clean filter" rate.
  • Shock Pool Water on a regular basis to keep sanitizers balanced and prevent green or cloudy pool water.
  • Use Enzymes (Natural Chemistry, Aqua-Tone, Sequa-Sol, etc...) in daily chemical regimens as preventative measures.
  • Daily Maintenance Tips
  • Test Pool Water regularly with an approved Swimming Pool Test Kit (every 4 hours, or as determined by local health departments).
  • Calibrate Swimming Pool Chemical Feeders & Chemtrol Controllers in the morning, before opening. This way, there are not outside factors (batherload, direct sun, weather, etc...) affecting the reading.
  • Clean skimmer baskets to allow maximum filter and pump flow.
  • Check water flow and chemcial tubing.

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