Dos & Don'ts of Pool and Spa Chemicals



  • DO read all the product label and follow all directions.
  • DO maintain good housekeeping practices.
  • DO store chemicals in a cool, dry, well-ventiliated place.
  • DO wear appropriate personal protective equipment as listed on label.
  • DO use up all product before disposal of container.
  • DO notify supervisor in case of an emergency situation.
  • DO keep spilled materials isolated, follow label directions for clean-up and disposal.
  • DO keep containers covered to protect chemical products from moisture and other containments.
  • DO add each pool and spa chemical separately.
  • DO have an emergency plan and conduct regular drills.




  • DO NOT mix different chemicals or other treatment products prior to adding to pool/spa water.
  • DO NOT dispose of chemical product container without washing & drying completely.
  • DO NOT use dry chemical fire extinguishers (use water only!)
  • DO NOT dispose of spilled material or unused product in the trash or sewer (use or dispose per label directly).
  • DO NOT store liquid materials above solid materials.
  • DO NOT allow product to contact oil, grease, acid or organic material.
  • DO NOT smoke where pool chemicals are stored or used.
  • DO NOT use floor sweeping compounds when cleaning up pool chemicals.
  • DO NOT put spilled materials back in the original container.

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